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>>> was interviewed about his book that the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland. this interviews part of book tv college series and it's a little under 15 minutes. >> book tv is on location that the u.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland where we are interviewing some professors who are also authors. .. >> "in buddha's company" thai soldiers in the vietnam war" what warded did thailand play? >> they were a very close ally during the vietnam war. people familiar would know that not only did thailand send troops to fight along the united states, but also served as a base for many aircraft for bombing missions over ho chi minh trail, over laos and at the time we had built seven their bases and developed a port as well to facilitate the u.s. effort and also many soldiers went to bangkok and in terms of support thailand was the close ally. >>host: did they have soldiers? >> absolutely. they spent 37 -- cent to 37,000 soldiers to fight in vietnam also they sent smaller naval units but defin
and there will be a push by some to legalize medical marijuana. supporters are hoping to pass a bill in annapolis after election day, the state of washington state and also colorado passed it. now bills that would have legalized the drug for medical use stalled in annapolis the past two years. the concern federal enforcement. the head testified before a house and senate committee in march saying quote the legislation under consideration could place state employees at risk of federal prosecution for violation of the controlled substances act because of this risk, unless and until federal policy changes the administration opposes the proposed legislation. but on election day, voters in washington state and colorado approved the recreational use of marijuana. already legal in those states with a doctor's prescription. now sarah would like to see maryland lawmakers make medical marijuana use legal. she suffers from multiple dishy row sis and use -- multiple sclerosis and uses it to control it. >> we're not talking like you know cheech and chong levels of cannabis. >> reporter: now governor o'malley is in t
't the only ones who get them. >> if you don't have people going to annapolis to fight for you you want to look at that. >> reporter: that's why the maryland consumer rights is handing out grades for people pleasing you. the nonprofit is dropping the abcs on lawmakers based on 8 bills, grading them on the votes on the house floor and on the committee. >> it's hard for individual citizens to always know and follow during sessionings so we want to do this every year and have a recap and let people know know. >> reporter: legislate you know where legislatures stand which include bills tackling everything from foreclosure to identity theft and a tax on tobacco. >> just like about educator, we'd like to give everybody a passing score. >> reporter: they say 80 legislatures got perfect scores and others didn't fare quite as well, with 6 getting fs, at the bottom, delegate don dwyer. we visited his office in annapolis after repeatedly asking for comment, wondering why dwyer voted against bills of a financial education, and the state having more power with regulator. other lawmakers at the botto
checking on your morning commute. not bad on the area roads. there is a problem in annapolis along river road. we have an accident. looking good on 97. 57 on the west side outer loop. 66 on eastbound 70. traffic on 95 is rather light. good down to the fort mchenry. delay-free at the fort mchenry and the harbor tunnel. the harrisburg expressway is move all the way down to the beltway. no delays showing into town. this is 795 and problem free north and southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. dave allen has more from the mta. >> the number 5 bus is diverting at monument and patterson park appeared the 61 bus is diverting at charles and 28th for construction. the five bus is diverting at central and monument. on time for light rail and metro subway. have a great commute. now here's tony pann. >> thank you. not a lot happening at the present time. temperatures are safely above freezing. 38 at the airport. 37 in rising sun. there is plenty of the cold air for this storm to work with. the storm was start to pull someone that cold air and. in. the temperatures may start to drop off.
at a leaning tree the same again. >> a contractor removing trees in annapolis was killed when a tree fell on him. this is just a horrible story. >>reporter: yeah, absolute awful. he had experience on the job. he was cleaning up after hurricane sandy, just as so many people in the area are doing. a friend called it a freak accident, one his son had to watch. >>reporter: there's absolute hear ache in saint margarets. family and friends gather in a front lawn waiting for their loved one's body to be taken off property. >> just kills me. >>reporter: this man says his friend, 50-year-old santiago lopez were working along side other men, trimming trees damaged by hurricane sandy. they were in the back of this house when lopez was hit by a tree and died instantly. . >> it was an accident. terrible. >>reporter: he worked for a tree care company for ten years and was experienced on the job. his son was in the business with him. he was there when his died dad. >> i think he's a beloved father. he has children. his son was here. >>reporter: the incident happen around 1:00. the family stayed at that
an annapolis man tries to take on 5 hour energy. first he has to make it through the shark tank. >>> new, we're learning more about the economic impact of this year's baltimore grand prix. a newly release report show that's nearly 30,000 less people attended the race this year. less people translated into lower spending. $24.9 million in direct spending came from the grand prix crowd this year. that's about $3 million less than the year before. >>> in the wake of superstorm sandy people have reached out. >> scammers using superstorm sandy as an opportunity to pull a fast one. >> we lost everything. >> reporter: for people hit hardest by superstorm sandy it will take years to rebuild. her damage will make it here soon enough. conmen who experts say will start peddling cars. they may look fine in the present, it their past you should worry about. cars flooded in sandy's wake has seen plenty of waters. these ones from new york sat in it for days. we've seen cars flooded out here too. thanks to massive water main breaks in baltimore city. all of these could eventually make their way to you. >>
of the contest between annapolis and east port. 1700-foot rope goes across for the longest tug-of-war over the water in the world. navy beat army, annapolis. they beat the fire department in east port. in the bar tenders, they crashed giving the win to the other side. >> it's intimidating. i like the position. it was nice to feel like i was leading the pack. >> there is a rivalry. they think annapolis has been the a rise to cattic -- rise cattic. >> they are winning for a second of 7 tugs. it is a slow recovery progress, people in garrett county, where sandy dumped several feet of snow. >> why it's taking longer than usual. we will show you. >>> the clean up is moving along in one new jersey coastal town, why officials want to get the board walk rebill as quickly as possible. >>> breakout our iphone, we are looking at maryland's radar, not a lot to see, we are tracking the nor'easter, across the middle of the nation. this is the one that will be possibly bringing us snow and also rain. don't go anywhere, good morning maryland will be right back. if you headed to the polls, this comes as no
they think annapolis has been snobby. >> alice, how do you really feel? annapolis gets the bragging rights this year winning 4 out of 7 tugs, it's just the third file in the past there have been more enthusiasm on the east port side, several local charities benefit from this contest. it's a great thing. >>> here's the tug of war with the storm coming on. >> the hits keep on coming. one week after another, and this is going to be a big storm. not as close as what sandy was, but we're going to get rain, wind. snow. let's show you, not a bad-looking day today, bel air, you had some clouds. had some sunshine, but the sunshine only got into the mid-did dell and upper 40s, darkness falls at a little after 5:00. here is annapolis looking good. lots of boats on the water and i think that will be a good deal before we start to crank up the chesapeake. at the time, we have a temperature around 45 degrees in baltimore city. humidity at 53%, bone-dry dew point, and northerly wind bringing in the chill around 5 miles per hour, maybe up to 51 in the city limits, that's 10 below our normal afternoon high
in annapolis. look at the temperatures on the western part of the state. in the 30's right now. 32 degrees in oakland. factor in the winds and it always makes things feel a lot cooler. winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour in annapolis. 22 miles per hour gusts right now in ocean city. this is what it actually feels like outdoors right now. you are talking mostly thirties to low 40's. you definitely want a jacket to help cut the wind and make it feel more like the actual air temperature. as the look of the current temperatures across the nation, you can see the cold shown by the shade of blue in the western and eastern half of the nation. a large chunk of the nation dealing with cooler temperatures. this high-pressure system is partly the reason why it is so- called right now. this air mass came from canada. you know how cold canada is. all the cold air continues to pushes -- continues to push in. stationary air off the coast producing showers near the carolinas. unfortunately that means a -- could be a quite active pattern as we headed to next week as people will be busy traveling to their
with a high of only 53 degrees. now, down to 48. annapolis, 47. salisbury, and the mall. the board like -- 51 degrees. the board walk. here are those thin, high clouds. you can see the stars through these things. it is coming from this disturbance to the south which has expanded it is a bit -- expanded a little bit. this will be spinning around down there. rightabout thanksgiving. it is as high pressure which is holding this thing away from us. a lease for the time being. all the stormy weather in the west coast will not be a new element in our weather, at least for the next several days. tonight, high, thin clouds and cold. otherwise, driving -- dry and what you would expect this time of year. tomorrow, a few more clouds. today, scattered clouds but still some nice weather. temperatures in the same rates. low 50's. temperatures a little on the chilly side for this time of year. in the bay, the wind picks up a little bit on the open waters. a 2 ft. chopper is expected on the open waters of the bay. tomorrow evening, the ravens steelers game lead in the pittsburgh. mostly clear skies. it will
.s. naval academy in annapolis maryland and joining us is the author of this book, michael skerker an ethics of interrogation is the name of the book. published by the university of chicago press. professor skerker, what do you do with theb academy? >> i teach the ethics class all the youngsters have to take and a number to loss of one studies to request to reduce the ethics of interrogation in your book is the philosophical books worth how to interrogate?y >> guest: >> it is the principal question number one circumstances can the state asked.yyyyyyy then there are some practical dos and don'ts as well. >> what is the geneva convention that we always talk about? spec the geneva convention to protect the.yyyyyyy what role does it play inyyy interrogation?yyyyyyyyy >> rot much of the history ofy warfare the retreats and at the mercy of their captors which is bad now. there was the sense that pows should be treated better that these soldiers were not blamed for the unjust war which. after world war ii it really codify the pows shouldn't be prosecuted for their or
to join the healthcare coalition for all in annapolis to ask for a $1 increase. three cigarette taxes have reduced smoking by 32% in the state of maryland. that is more than double the current national average. >>> you voted to expand gambling, now you're going to find out exactly what that means. this morning maryland casinos are going to be offering plans for table games and 24-hour gaming. they're expected to address the reconfiguration of the casino floor to help accommodate those new games, the creation of 1200 jobs and introduce a dealer training school. officials will also talk about the impact this could have on future tax revenues for the state of maryland. >>> time now for a check of that forecast once again. lynette is here with us. you talked about the changes that were coming. this was on friday and into monday. you have certainly held up your end of the deal. >> i love it when i can get you. i can't believe this is the first time you've actually worn your coat. >> i don't mind cold weather. and this morning for whatever reason, i took the dogs out and that's enough. >> a fr
the annapolis area. i expect some of this is not hitting the ground. more significantly, off to the southwest, near charlottesville, out in virginia, winchester, clear skies. everything pulling to the northeast. this is a morning thing. by this afternoon to be really nice. a little bit on the chilly side. annapolis is 44. 43 cells barry. 38, edgewater. parkton, 35. and even southwest pennsylvania. the water satellite image shows a disturbance, the center of a spinning around here. this makes it look worse than it is. most of the rain yesterday was down in the carolinas. this is moving to the northeast. if you are heading up to new england, you are going to follow it. you can see the clearing skies. so this is what is coming and it will establish itself for the weekend. this shows the big area of high pressure moving in with the weather disturbance pulling away off to the east. but the trend here is looking good as far as the weekend. 51 to 56. the increasing clout is the main feature. morning showers east of us. insta-weather futurecast shows by sunday afternoon there will be a little disturb
. -- a contractor was killed on job after a tree came crashing down on him. ood roadpened on homew in annapolis. jay korff is live. hurricane sandy has claimed over 100 lives in the caribbean up the jersey coast. tonight, one here in maryland lopez.e loss of santiago the destructive force can be seen in yards up and down annapolis. yard, family front and friends gathered to prayer after sandy claimed yet another life. working here and got killed because a tree fell on him. oldhis dear friend, 50-year- lopez, was working y afternoon with a company in theg storm debris backyard of a residence when its came down directly on him. killing him instantly. he had four children. >> his son watched in horror as , an experienced with 10 years of service with the same company, lost his life. the storm catches many people's lives. touched a life in a much serious note. that is what we have got here tonight, a very tragic accident. >> there seems to be a tragic accident -- it happened in the work place setting. state officials are investigating circumstances incident.g the >> thank you. is blamed for at deaths in
couple of mornings. 48 downtown. 44 at andrews air force base. 51 in annapolis. 43 in leesburg. and storm team 4 radar shows no rain to worry about. we're going to stay dry all the way through at least tomorrow, as well. it will be veterans day, much warmer, tons of sunshine. highs nosing in near 70 degrees on your sunday. what about your monday and a chance for thunder on tuesday? we'll talk about that you will with the seven day coming up. >> all right. thanks. >>> an accident between a pedestrian and a motorcycle left two people dead in prince george's county. happened in the 3900 block of branch avenue in suitland around 4:00. police say the motorcyclist hit the pedestrian and both were killed. officials stay appears the pedestrian was homeless. neither victim's been identified. police say the pedestrian was not in the crosswalk at the time of the crash. >>> two teens faced a judge today charged with murdering a d.c. cabbie earlier this week. the parents of 17-year-old linda berry were seen walking out of court this afternoon. berry and 17-year-old joshua mubane are accused of killing
and annapolis. and mount ayre. you need the big coats even in bel air and centreville 40. and we do have a wind chill out there, gusts of 20. these are your gusts not the sustained winds. 13 in centreville. and 13 in annapolis and rockville and manchester gusts at 23 miles an hour. we are feeling chillier this morning. the winds will slowly but surely diminish. we will have a high pressure. and we need it to be quiet because of the past weather. and even into saturday and sunday. this is what we can expect as we look at your planner throughout the day. chilly as we head into 10:00. it will be breezy and continuing throughout the day. and 56 degrees. here is the forecast as we head into sunday. the 56 and the havens will be playing. that will be celebrated. 67. we're 60 with showers by tuesday. get out and enjoy it, it will be fabulous. let's check the traffic. >> i'm happy about 60s. big change from what we have been dealing with. if you are traveling this morning. avoid north charles street. the water main break from a few days ago. repairs are underway. it is shutting down charges between pen
, winds gusting to 26 miles per hour in annapolis. we could see winds gusting 25 to 30 miles per hour both tonight and tomorrow for us. so light rain or snow east tonight and then it stays dry in the western suburbs, dry morning commute, good news. keep the jacket handy. it will be windy and chilly tomorrow. we'll come back and talk about the weekend. i think you'll like our change in weather pattern. >>> we stand ready to work with any willing partner, democrat, republican or otherwise who shares a commitment to getting those things done. >> it's better to dance than to fight. it's better to work together. >> that's that sure sounds nice. the election's all done. now the question, can democrats and republicans find a way to work together to move the country forward and solve some very serious problems? it is back to business for president obama after a hard fought election and the president says he is willing to compromise. >> in the weeks ahead i also look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward. >> the most press
between in annapolis as it is. >> i think my platform, which focused on employment and jobs and doing things across the country and create good jobs, jobs with a descent standard of living. that resonated with democrats and republicans and independent voters. the results prove that. >> and can you promise your voters you want to rubber stamp whatever comes down from governor o'malley and perhaps whoever is after him or are you in line with the rest of the democrats in annapolis? >> i promised i would listen to them and base my decisions based on facts and not ideology. >> thank you for coming. >> thanks for having me. >>> d.c. voters overwhelmingly approved the a mondayments kicking them out of office. there were three amendments, one requiring the mayor to resign immediately if convicted of a felony and another requiring the same thing of a council member and. >>> this is a mummy you might have missed. bob mcdonnell offered george allen encouragemen after his concession speech last night and he hugged him back stage and asked why he conceded before the race was called. >> reporter: s
in annapolis right now, 48 in the capital. emanating from an area of low pressure. a little bit of rainfall associated with this. they will stay south and east of the area. bright and sunny all day. the temperature trend will continue. it washes it out, and the next as theill act coastal ground for a area of low pressure. towould intensify right up seaboard that had kinds of nasty scenarios associated with it. developing along the coast, it has a lot of positive implications for our area and stormieste chance of and adverse weather. that is the story as we head through the week. more sunshine, still on the cool side. the when the continuing out of north, and the numbers get a little bit cooler. that storm is out over the ocean. if the storm winds up further to east, it looks terrific. partly sunny skies and a quick peek of the national weather picture. a storm in the pacific northwest, everybody else looks good. >> something else that looks e a groceryv giveaway. >> you just have to watch good go to theon, site and you can enter right to win antest page gift card.y the winner will be announ
news. temperatures are allowed back down in the mid-30s. still near 50 in annapolis, your sunday planner will be off to a nice sunny start. temperatures will be in the 30s in the morning we'll start to pick up clouds in the afternoon. with the sun going down before 5:00, we'll get a decent amount of sunshine. 9:56 hours of daylight tomorrow. we'll talk about the upcoming holiday coming up. >>> a prince georges county convenience store is cleaning up after a car drove right through the front door this afternoon. it happened at the 7-eleven on allentown road in camp springs. no one inside was hurt. it's going to take a while to clean it up, he's taking it all in stride. >> because this happened, you never know what's going to happen. >> investigators are trying to figure out what caused her to drive into the store. the store is open for business as they make repairs. >>> detectives are looking for a suspect who held up a man at the atm with his 4-year-old daughter standing by 37 police say the suspect forced the man to withdraw money and took off. the victim was not hurt during the
towson to annapolis in the east to silver spring in the west but excludes most of the area in between. >> so why does the governor want this? >> it's all about politics. it's all about trying to advantage one party over the other, but also to help certain democrats over other democrats, and that's why gerrymandering needs to be stopped. voters can stop it in maryland by repealing this map, by voting against question 5 and it will create the impetus for reform and for an independent risk-taking commission to get legislators out of drawing these boundaries because look what they do. >> that is a crazy map. that is absolutely incredible. i mean, it's in and out and in and out. >> right. >> i have some questions about that map. >> so does everybody else when they see it. the challenge is getting it in front of people because proponents don't show this map to people, so it's up to those who want to reform this process to get this around. >> it's up to the voters. it'll be on the ballot on tuesday. thank you for coming in and explaining to us. >>> we're going to take a break, and when we c
skies so it's going to cool quicker, 37, right now 50 in annapolis, that with cloud cover and shower activity. look at the shower activity over the last hour. a few sprinkles around the district about an hour and a half ago. those are moving through the chesapeake, through annapolis, and down into portions of southern st. mary's river. what are we going to see? as far as the rain is concerned, we won't see much in terms of rain. look at the clearing skies behind this system. but there's yet another system on the heels that's going to come through this area during the day tomorrow. we'll start off i think with sunshine, mostly cloudy skies but at least some sun. i think we'll see sunshine during the day tomorrow that will make it feel a little better. still will be on the cool side, plenty of breezy conditions tomorrow, too. not just breezy but cool and breezy. the sun will help a little bit so hopefully see more sunshine than clouds. with that breeze, an extra chill. a jacket a necessity during the day tomorrow. saturday a little breezy, but i do think we'll see more sunshine as our
talking to professors or authors we're at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis merrill lynch. with professor aaron o'connell also the author of this book "underdogs" the making of the modern marine corps." professor when was the marine corps established? >> 1775 but the birthday is us mess. the record always claims november but that is the date that congress authorized but they never raised the battalion raised then. >> day never were. but the first goes then 28 november but 10 november still celebrated as a birthday. >>host: what was the purpose of the marine corps? >> to be the guard on a ship to protect the officers from the crew it was difficult to salish up they had to have people there so the principal job was to be the ship's guard and served and snipers but it is a very small part of the navy. >> this -- record is complete the service? >> separate inside the navy but they would claim when they served aboard they should follow the rules amadeus served ashore to follow the regulations of the
conference laaer today in annapolis. lawmakers approved doubling one dollar to two ddllas... inn a 2007 special session. earlier this year, they &pcigarettess an ohio woman is senttnced to public shaming... after driving up onto a sidewalk... to avoid etting stuck behind a chool bus. bussyou mmy remember this video from a few months back. shena hardin is the woman behind the wheel.the bus drivee recorded this incident... after noticing she's done it severaa times court... a judge suspended her icense and gave &pher a fine.but he also ordere her to stand on a streee corner... wearing a sign that drive on thh sidewalk tooavoii a school us."many residenns saa the the sentenne is -appro. :56 "honk. i juut wanted too man. only an idiot would shoulda ained, snow, leet or hailed or sooethin' i hope it do it before the hour ver." over."forran hourr.. hhrdin stood silent, with he sign near er feet, weering large &psun lasses nd a hat. firrt textiig,,then talking on the buds in listening to musscc word of her behaavor got back to the judge who sentencee her. he saas he pl
. started with a look at conditions. the naval academy in annapolis. the clouds and rain are chasing off to the east. all across the region, it turned beautiful afternoon. 43 in herndon right now. degrees,strict, 43 half an inch of rain. with the rain and cold temperatures, it fell all day. 59 is still our average high. 39 right now in gaithersburg. 36 in hagerstown, 35 in , 46 in the nation's capital. a chill in the air. cold there is spilling over. to the north for the next several days. even this time a year, we get temperatures. definitely on the chilly side. clear skies tonight. the front is going to hang out there for a few days. that is going to keep us dry and l days.r the next severa saturday night, sunday, a computer model suggesting the develop.tem may if that happens, they are pressure of the east coast. to know if it will happen. i will let you know how that will go. what is happening in the weather, we will see the clear skies continue overnight. about freezing is your average wake up temperature. we will see whether continued to stay below average. to stay continued below
. reagan national at 44 degrees. winds at 12 miles per hour. winchester at 37 degrees and 44 at annapolis. you can see the dip in the jet stream across the region. that will be lifting up towards the north by the end of the week. once we get rid of this coastal storm, however whether it will look a lot better. -- our whether it will look a lot better. the storm will began to retrograde it which will increase our chances of getting the rain and snow mex. -- rain and snow mix. possibly one or 2 inches at best. we should not have a problem for the drive home, and even if we get some snow our temperatures welt warm up on the ground, so it will melt on contact. this does spread across the every yeah but it might be a little too far west. i-95 will have the best possibility of some snow. the forecast for today, cloudy and breezy, a little rand with some snow east. in the low 40's to upper-30's. we should stay breezy for tomorrow and coolidge with 50 degrees. but look at the weekend. 60 degrees on saturday it with 63 on sunday. that will be looking a lot better over the next few days. >> new yor
in tte kitchen.he's being held detentionncenter. 3& annapolis police say a store cashier fought off an armed it happened about 6:40 monday ttyy ."a masked man approached a gun and demanded money. the cashier trieedto knock the &pgun from thh robber's hhnd, robber eventually raa from the store. the cashier was not hurt. 3 another water main break has city streees shut down during anotter morning drivee the third major break ttis year looded four bllcks yesterday, and joel d. smith much longer those roads will be affected. it's going to taae ays guys... lookall of the aal of the 3 yesserday are now back in te water. at leasttthe watee has been you needed a boat to navigate thii street. water rushing everyyhere. a 60- foot, cast iron water main burss at 8 -m, and it didn't take long to flood tte streett in a 4 block radius. public works says the most important thiig at this point is to protect a gas line near the waaer main... so thhy'ree worring closely with b-g-e to monntorrthe situatioo. that means several roads in ttis area will emain closed for asking fo
difficult weather to the coast. we will get off relatively easy. 43 in annapolis, 39 in the district. it is going to be cold. the precipitation, not so much of a factor. tomorrow, some areas will be lucky to get out of the 30's. here comes the moisture and the energy. it will intensify tomorrow and moved northward. we may see a little bit of light rain in the afternoon. you will not have to go far to find a couple of inches of snow. r futurecast shows a time line here. 6:00 tonight, that was 20 minutes ago, but that is for the animation starts. precipitation in the morning just south of washington. 80 of his sprinkles early in the morning. we will be breezy and cold, most of the precipitation along the coast lines and the west to be developing along the coast as well. by tomorrow night, we could have some light snow across the area. thursday morning, as the storm left out, we will see skies start to clear again. it will be children again on friday. -- it will be chilly again on friday. the probabilities of any major snow are the very low. here is the forecast, a breezy and colder ove
in baltimore. 42 in annapolis. here is your developing storm system. this nor'easter we've been talking about for days and days it seems like. now taking shape. first thing i want to emphasize, north and east of washington, that is where the greatest impact is going to be. that is where the biggest oomph with the storm will be up into new jersey and new york. we are sort of on the western edge of it. even right now, we are on the western edge of. it as it passes to our north, some of the band of rain and eventually snow will make it back as far west as about the 95 corridor. if you are watching out towards frederick, port royal out into the mound taupes out in west virginia, western maryland, i don't think you'll see much of anything other than cloudy skies and very cold temperatures. closer to washington, as you get north and east up towards columbia, ellicott city, baltimore, the chances increase for this rain to transition to snow later today and for some of that to stick to the grassy sears. as you get up towards baltimore, it is certainly a possibility there could be some light accumulat
-related death happened wednesday morning when a tree fell on a contractor doing repairs in annapolis. another victim died when a tree fell through his pasadena home and another died in a traffic accident in montgomery county. >> in druid hill park, sandy claim a piece of history. there was a tree standing in the park for 400 years. it was standing along green spring avenue and toppled onto the roadway during the storm. crews have been able to remove a major parts of it. >> we have it in the records as a park from 1860 when they were putting the roads in the intentionally curve to the road to save the tree. >> they are planning on moving the tree to a safer place and will determine what to do with the next. >> there is good news for those who suffered damage which could save them thousands of dollars. >> because there was no hurricane warning issued for any part of the state, an insurer may not impose under a homeowner's policy a percentage deductible would damage that was sustained. >> the many insurance policies keep homeowners on the vote for a percentage of the damages but -- when a hurric
, and we are looking at 43 degrees in elkton, the temperature in annapolis is at 43, and we are going to continue the ill as we go into lunchtime with that temperature coming in right around 52 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc2 time saver traffic. >>> good morning, unfortunately we are still dealing with storm damage. up in hartford county you want to be extra careful traveling in fall is to be where there's damage at friendship road and mayhem road at carsons run road and crescent ride at 543. if you are using 95 as we check in and take a look at 152, everytng moving right along. no delays as you travel towards white marsh. you'll notice the jfx going to be in great shape, just that typical 11 minute ride from the beltway down to fayette street. no delays from parkville to towson. no delays, normal drive times to travel that outer loop from 795 down towards 95. over to you. >>> 2 minutes after 5, all new, help is on the way for our neighbors in new jersey who suffered a lot from this storm. abc2's linda so is here with how emergency responders in our state are helping out. >
of an annapolis to calvert county. and is movin to the northeast and on the eastern shore. most of this will affect the eastern shore. it is not very significant. it looks like a lot of the clouds will break up. the skies are clear and everything is moving, lifting to the northeast. what did we do yesterday? only 47 for the high. 57 is the normal. 37 and 31 were the lows yesterday. and this morning we are starting out a little bit warmer. annapolis is 44. 39 and ritually. 33 on the boardwalk. 32 frederick. '20s and western maryland and west virginia. the cloud deck is holding heat in it. and a stabilizing temperatures. we are a few degrees less showy than we were yesterday. years that disturbance to the south. the most significant of the rain has been in the carolinas. and now the most significant rains are out over the ocean and chesapeake bay. the club's been as you move to the west. you can see the trend. -- the clouds thin as he moved to the west. you can see the trend. nothing to speak of to the west. the west coast has some water. but we are seeing a pretty dry system. thi
at coldspring road. there's a problem in annapolis. 11 minutes on the outer loop northeast side. 10 minutes on 95 down towards 32. here's a quick, live look at traffic. this is 95 north of 195. we have an accident reported in that area. this is 295, were we see some delays starting to form down towards 32. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the american people have spoken and their choice is president obama. the president carried the popular vote and the electoral college by a more significant margin. >> the president easily carried maryland. tracie potts has the compilation of it long hard- fought race to the white house. >> a burst of emotion at the obama victory party in chicago. early this morning, celebrations around the country from new york to los angeles and the white house, where president obama will spend four more years. >> whether i earned your vote or not, i have listened to you. i have learned from you. you have made me a better president. we're not as divided as our politics suggests. we're not as cynical as the pundits believe. we're greater than the sum of our indiv
to 30 miles per hour. right now, they are 20. sustained winds out in annapolis. you mix in the wind and it will be the makings of a chilly november afternoon. it will feel a lot like fall, late fall around here later today. 47, chilly conditions, at 5:00 p.m. >> it is that stew kind of weather. >> yeah, like thanksgiving kind of weather. >> time now to check some with julie wright. >> my mama is cooking in the kitchen kind of weather. >> exactly. i love the smell too. something is cooking in the kitchen, raining outside. something about it. >> so does beagle bailey, because when i tend to cook, there tends to be a fire so he is not a big fan of t he still hides upstairs any time i boil water. -- so he is not a big fan of t. >>> we have accident activity here. only the center of the roadway is able to get i heavy volume anticipated coming across the 14th street bridge and headed to the accident scene. keep your eyes peeled for that. southbound 270 still in the cheer in spite of the wet stuff. you will find your lanes are open on the beltway between nypd and merrifield. no trouble spo
annapolis and bowie and across the eastern shore if easton down to -- from easton down to cambridge on route 50. still from the northern neck a couple of sprinkles there from the weather watchers to st. mary's and even calvert county. again the isolated sprinkles for the next couple of hours. temps range to 30 in cumberland and we have 42 tappahannock and 42 fredericksburg. and outside on our michael & son weather camera, you know we're about 35, 40 minutes until the sunrise. still very dark with the cloud cover this morning. 424. and it feels like 42. barely a wind out there. north at 3 miles an hour. humidity 65%. we're watching this one system just coming up the east coast a little bit as opposed to going out to sea but it will continue north and east. when it leaves it will take the showers and clouds and as the sun builds in for the afternoon that means we will be in pretty good shape here. not only for this afternoon, but right for the weekend. it will be a little coastal that's going to try to form later sunday into monday but i think that's going to be far enough south and east it wi
at some of the temperatures. started out in some cases in the 20's and 30's. but the now at annapolis. 49 on the boardwalk. edgewood 49. frederick is 52. only the 30's in western maryland. they have snow on the ground, too. we look at the storm again. most of the real significant precipitation is moving into nova scotia and away from the united states of the storm is tracking away from us. some of the residual clouds rotating on the backside are clipping us just a little bit. a lot more sunshine to the east. a little bit of snow cover up to the west. our next form from a week and is tied to put itself to the other and the plains. ahead of the next storm there will be really mild air being pushed into the area. that is the trend our forecast will be taking. we should be of around 60 this time of the year. mostly sunny skies. northwest winds over land at 10- 20 gusting at 25. over the open water where the wind can really get momentum. northwest wind gusting to 30. small craft advisory out this afternoon. we take a look at our insta- weather-plus few -- future cast. what is significant is th
annapolis or baltimore area, maybe haven't been before. it's a new thing, the history with the dogs and shooting sports and the goose hunting p├▒everything else. it's something unique for them. >> if people like the outdoors, they can come see anything here. they have the new exhibit this year for the hunting exhibit. that's amazing. then, everything else, all the carvings, the sculptures, there is something here for everybody, if they like the outdoors, they would have a good time. >> all sportsman and marylanders love this, so many of the proceeds photo help the wildlife stay strong. >> most back in to the area, stays here, promotes hunting, fishing, conservation acts. >> we appreciate you, man. >> that's going to do it here from easton live. beautiful weather for the festival if i'm correct on that, right? >>> now, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> right, you are. let's get in to it. beautiful shot, mostly sunny skies today. the warming trend started in lorel this afternoon. got in to the 50s, on our way to the 60s. tomorrow a look at kent island, beautiful shot in kept islan
for those who cannot afford the procedure. in annapolis today, a new push to add a $1 tax on a pack of cigarettes for maryland smokers. the group says it would help more young people kick the habit. if the measure is approved, it will be the fourth time in more than one decade. they hope the extra $1 will put the price of cigarettes out of reach for teenage smokers. >> this will really discourage teenagers from buying cigarettes. they are working hard, trying to make money just to buy clothing that they want, and they are not going to spend another dollar on cigarettes, when they know that other people do not want them smoking anyway. >> some have agreed to sponsor a cigarette bill when the session reconvenes next year. and security just got a little bit easier for some bw y thurgood marshall travelers. >> ben roethlisberger is out. and now, his long-term prognosis, coming up. >> cooler than normal temperatures hanging around. >> some good news for travelers, but there is a bit of a catch. >> it is available at the airport for all flights leaving out of concourse d, as in david. the
annapolis, you'll have a wet commute going home, but if you're going out towards leesburg or warrenton, i think you'll stay dry. close in view, a little rain toward bowie and up towards annapolis and baltimore. maybe some flakes later tonight, not a big deal. 39 in gaithersburg, 41 in fairfax, 42 in college park and 41 in bowie. so tracking the nor'easter, a little light rain or snow tonight, but it stays dry in the western suburbs, dry morning commute. keep your jacket handy. next three days guess what, 9 weather alerts are green, green, green. windy tomorrow but decent, 52. cool but nice friday, 59, sunshine and look at this, saturday, mostly sunny, in the upper 60s and it just gets better. yes, it does. check this out. i'm going 70 or near 70 on sunday and on monday. we have the heart walk on saturday, anita and howie there. please participate in that. ravens are at home, 70, 70 on monday, maybe showers on tuesday. we're back in the 60s and a little cooler next week, nothing crazy, partly cloudy on wednesday, highs in the mid- 50s. so again the storm up north, gusts 45 miles per hour a
in annapolis regarding pet food. my personal opinion, we don't need to add to the cost of pet food, and there are ways to spay and neuter pets inexpensive flly. >> are you going to talk to lawmakers? >> i will talk to lawmakers. there is plenty of money already for lawmakers. no more taxes. we have some recurrence of the urinary tract infection. maybe it is, maybe at his animal in heat. you have to diagnose the c ause. that is something that i can answer -- >> you know this? very good. >> some of these are taken away from a mother too early. licking itself is not a bad thing, but you want to negatively in force licking and positively reinforce other things. have some to troy's. -- have some chew toys. you can break it, it just requires consistency. >> if you have a pet questions humid like answered, ascended to coming up tonight on 11 news at 5:00, with the last half hour we've learned of yet another water main break, this one in howard county. sky team 11 is headed to the scene and we will have an update in our evening report. we're working to learn more a
. we'll see clearing across the area. right now temperatures are in the 30s in baltimore and annapolis and back to clear spring and adams town. we're at 38 degrees and chestertown and. but we do have a wind chill the winds are out of the northwest at 10 miles an hour in baltimore. 7 in york. 8 in hagerstown. they will stay throughout the day. make sure you bundle up this morning. keep that big coat around as you head out and about this afternoon. back to you. >>> he went on a shooting rampage. >> and he killed six people and injured a congress woman. today he will learn his fate. >>> the innocence of muslims, that's what sparked violence throughout the middle east. why the director is behind bars this morning. >>> they may be from different jurisdictions but ta did not stop baltimore city and county police from working together. how the team work is keeping you safe. >>> and everything is up to speed here on 95 at 395 in baltimore. but we are still dealing with a massive water main break in the one neighborhood. you are looking now and it will impact a large portion of charles street.
in annapolis. >>> continuing coverage tonight on an issue that affects a lot of our families but it's also hard to understand -- bullying. researchers looked at the national research and looked appointment all the information parties provided about their children. nearly 64,000 of them. what they found is 15% of children were already considered bullies by their parents. they were also -- there were striking similarities between the children in the group. >> a lot of these kids have mental health issues like depression, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or adhd. so these are kids who are already struggling with their own stuff and they're acting out and bullying other children. >> kids diagnosed with mental health disorders are three times more likely to bully others. bullying is an issue we hear about nearly every week. we have put together a comprehensive section on our website. you can find it at to bullies. we have eferl from local antibullying events, including myths and the signs that a child is being bullied. >> coming up, it is one of the most popular f
in our area. 40 degrees at the mall. 43 in annapolis. 33 in hagerstown. here is your forecast for the day -- cloudy and dissipations -- cloudy conditions, it will be cool. temperatures around 40 degrees. they will not move that much from where they are currently. some areas of light rain, even down in southern maryland. light rain developing throughout the day. for the drive home, expecting mainly snow across our region. but it will be lights now. just a one out of 10. road temperatures are near 40 degrees, not expecting to accumulate on the road except closer to baltimore. that is where the snow will be heavier and it will dynamically cool the ground and allow accumulations' on the road closer to baltimore. one to 2 inches, maybe three on some spots on the services. washington area, just some glorified rain. minor accumulations. roads for the most part should just be wet. that is the latest on the mall. back to you inside. >> thank you. >> we will continue to bring you election results from several races.
else. today in annapolis, ready to share his energy in a bottled story. >> if you're shaky with caffeine, that's not good for a sniper. >> what we cared about is being tired anymore. we cared about being mentally sharp after being up. >> he has 10 to 12 military families invested. he was going slow so he needed to go on shark tank. >> i had to dig into my military training. >> reporter: there's only 6 million watching. >> i could tell you but you'll lose the camera, the footage. >> reporter: the major said he's giving us a promotion this we deserve. >> jesh's -- everybody's got a battle to win. >> major rob in charge of keeping america alert. now watch the lefthand side of your screen. the major is already a superstar. people are already catching on to his new ruck pack. >> now if major rob can beat the enemy, he can certainly talk up to the sharks. it's the only caffeine free nutritional shot created on the battlefield. it's loaded with essential vitamins. you can order it on line. shark tank is on tonight at 9:00 on abc2. >>> coming up at 6, you can never be too prepared
temperatures of been moving towards a more typical high. right now in annapolis, 52. 42 east and. 41 ocean city, parton, 44. thirties and forties in the far western maryland so temperatures are beginning to chill down out that way. looking at the satellite-radar combination, the storm is spinning off the coast. it will come up for a while and then moved to the east. the rain will get closer to us, but not this far north. how close will it get? the air is pretty dry and we have this high pressure sitting here. even if it tries to move up, this will just dry and out. that will be are saving grace of the storm is developing. that is the game plan. tonight, clouds and maybe some patchy fog toward daybreak. 32-39 with a light north- northwest wind. tomorrow, 51-56 is the high. we will probably start off with a few breaks in the morning so cloud that sunset will be the dominant feature. chilly with the wind. the instant + futurecast showing this moving what i do not think it will quite make it here. the further south, the higher the chance for rain. heading towards things giving, we see this developi
this morning. right now temperatures the main story. 43 in towson. 43 in annapolis. 4345 in east -- 45 in easton. warmer earlier today. we're getting set for a clear night. look to the west. not a lot of new weather in our direction for the moment. so hour hour 30s and -- hour by hour 30s and we'll talk about how things mr -- will develop into sunday. >>> an atf and baltimore city police raid of four homes in west baltimore. >> today we got a new look at some of the clues in the case. brian kuebler continues to develop the story. explain how the core reowe
. light rain showers now tracking all the way toward baltimore and starting to ship south of annapolis. we have some unsettled activity. in the mountains, they're getting a rain and snow makes. as of yet, most of the snow is south of oakland, but they have seen a little accumulation. it is hard to pick out what is left of sandy as we watch this radar live. almost a bit of circulation of here, moving into canada. everything else is basically coming from energy in the upper atmosphere. that is what is helping to bring these showers downwind of the great lakes. we cannot blame our showers on sandy, but other parts of the northeast are able to. temperatures will remain cold. the jet stream has gone all the way down into the gulf states. you can see the shadings of blue. that is the colder air making its way all the way toward atlanta. our temperatures are going to stay called for the next couple of days. looking at radar for the metro area, martin state airport currently at 50, white marsh 50 as well. 48 in randallstown. you can see the green showing what the radar is picking up in the metro a
of revingletre' ee suton. rwayy contraccor was killed by a falling tree in annapolis alreedy.... 3&kathleen aarns followed anotter crew in balttmore county day as t aced some difficull decisions trying to eall ith aaparticularly ccmplex b: job: rmgothng leadn))) thh court in glen arm. tree removal experts face aaverr complex problem two massive &ptrees crushed this house on monday... rrmoving them without causing more damaae is compliccted... o a massive ne brt ..we... o a massive logs ont fall down.. so its vvry strategic... there's a method to the news at five"s ve ttg))) b-g-e says they have restored power to all ut about 5- percent of ccmers. are without power. hebmoas doptioast old - spping llne. lane. the 12 nnh main bbidge near morgan state universityycold spring lann iss closed completely from stadium it's open to local traffic only from hillen road to uld aast e neo ysilewwork to repair the main..oohomes were affected. 3supporters and opponenns f the maryland dream act...are maaing nelast push before eeection day. day.john rydell... on the battle o
it cools down in the northwest. 53 in annapolis. warm air down to the south. here is a look at the visible satellite. today is the sunniest day we since sandy came into town. think we will see even more sunshine into the weekend, so make it feel a bit nicer outside. at least psychologically, because temperatures will not be all that different. sprinkles to the west. a few snowflakes on the western facing slopes in allegany. nothing for us until perhaps or wednesday of next week. with that and dealing .orthwesterly flow be below average, the mid 50's. about 10 degrees below average. 55 for the weekend appeared we cannot rule out a sprinkle. overnight tonight, it will be down in the night, everywhere within downtown cluster to 40. breezy at times for the first part of the week. a slight chance of a nor'easter on should it even materialize, it like it would just bring us some rain. we will keep you posted. car makersp, two r inexpensive fuel- have been too may abomistic on salepple ipad mini today. to be as does not seem as the release of the ipad , a few people lined up, but tabl
out there in spots toward towson and the wind gusts around 30 in annapolis. breezy and chilly for the rest of the night into the early morning hours. it will be a cold start right around 37 degrees. we'll talk about how things will shape up toward election day minutes away. >> you watched as we filed one report after another about how the state was getting ready. sandy never did hit the way we thought but that preparedness came in handy for our neighbors to the west. >> reporter: garrett county by far got hit the hardest. heavy snows blocking roads, trapping people, a situation so dire that the county put a call out for help. >> really, everything that they've asked for. we said anything you need, just call us. >> reporter: our county was one of those that sent aid. condition you will man said it only -- jerry ulm dodge chrysler -- kent ulman. >> get to garrett county. >> maryland didn't just send crews, the state was uniquely prepared to send crows to new jersey as well. >> the governor wanted to make sure that our citizens were safe but it was important to make shower we sup
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